事件 內容 說明
Quest Message Display to Player Group the Quest Message Type message: Message 對指定玩者群組中的成員顯示任務訊息
Create Quest Create a Quest Type quest titled Title with the description Description, using icon path Icon Path 建立一個任務簡報,設定標題、內容、類型與圖像
Destroy Quest Destroy Quest 刪除指定的任務簡報
Enable/Disable Quest Enable/Disable Quest 顯示/隱藏 指定的任務簡報
Mark Quest As Completed Mark Quest as Completed/Incomplete 標記指定的任務為 完成/未完成
Mark Quest As Failed Mark Quest as Failed/Not Failed 標記指定的任務為 失敗/未失敗
Mark Quest As Discovered Mark Quest as Discovered/Undiscovered 標記指定的任務為 已發現/未發現
Change Quest Title Change the title of Quest to Title 改變任務簡報的標題
Change Quest Description Change the description of Quest to Description 改變任務簡報的敘述文字
Create Quest Requirement Create a quest requirement for Quest with the description Description 建立任務需求,並設定敘述文字
Mark Quest Requirement As Completed Mark Quest Requirement as Completed/Incomplete 標記指定任務需求為 完成/未完成
Change Quest Requirement Description Change the description of Quest Requirement to Description 改變指定任務需求的敘述文字
Create Defeat Condition Create a defeat condition with the description Description 建立一個失敗條件,並指定內容文字
Destroy Defeat Condition Destroy Defeat Condition 刪除指定的失敗條件
Change Defeat Condition Description Change the description of Defeat Condition to Description 改變指定失敗條件的敘述文字
Flash Quest Dialog Button Flash the quest dialog button 閃動任務按鈕
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