事件 內容 說明
False   假(預設值)
Boolean 變數    
Destructible Is Alive Destructible is alive 指定可毀物還活著
Destructible Is Dead Destructible is dead 指定可毀物已死亡
Destructible Is Invulnerable Destructible is invulnerable 指定可毀物是無敵的
Point is Blighted Point is blighted 指定的地點是有腐地的
Terrain Pathing Is Off Terrain pathing at Point of type Pathing Type is off 指定的地點的貼圖型態是被關閉的
Map Flag Set Map Flag is set 地圖被設定為指定的地圖設定
Custom Campaign Button Is Visible Custom campaign button Number is visible 戰役第X關可見(就是可以玩的意思啦!例如一開始不能打夜精靈第5關,Custom campaign button 5 is visible就會傳回False;等第4關破了就會傳回True)
Saved-Game Exists The Filename saved-game exists 存在以指定名稱儲存的存檔
Load Boolean Value Load Label of Category from Game Cache 從指定遊戲記錄的資料夾中讀取指定名稱的布林資料

Cache Value Exists Label is stored as a Type of Category in Game Cache 在指定遊戲記錄中,可以找到以 指定資料類型存在資料夾的 遊戲資料名稱
Hero Has Item Hero has Item 英雄擁有物品
Hero Has Item Of Type Hero has an item of type Item-Type 英雄擁有一個以上的某種物品
Experience Is Disabled For Hero Experience is disabled for Hero 英雄不允許獲得經驗

*用 "Hero - Enable/Disable Experience" 的動作來允許/不允許英雄獲得經驗
Item Status Check Item is Status 物品處於物品狀態
Item-Type Status Check Item-Type is Status 物品類型是物品狀態
Item Is Hidden Item is hidden 指定物品是被隱藏的

Item Is Owned Item is owned 指定物品是被擁有的

Item In Region Item is in Region 指定物品在區域中

Item Is Invulnerable Item is invulnerable 指定物品是無敵的
Leaderboard Contains Player Leaderboard contains Player 指定計分版包含指定玩者
Way Gate Is Enabled Way Gate is enabled 指定的傳送門是開放的

*使用 "Enable/Disable Way Gate" 來開放/關閉傳送門
Player Flag Is On Player Flag is on for Player 指定玩者的玩者設定是開?的
Player Is An Ally Of Player Player is an ally of Player 玩者(前)是玩者(後)的同盟
Player Is An Enemy Of Player Player is an enemy of Player 玩者(前)是玩者(後)的敵人
Player Alliance Towards Player Player is giving Player Alliance Type 玩者(前)對玩者(後)的同盟設定為指定的設定
Player In Player Group Player is in Player Group 玩者在玩者群組中
Quest Requirement Is Completed Quest Requirement is completed 指定的任務需求已達成
Quest Is Enabled Quest is enabled 任務是允許的
Quest Is Completed Quest is completed 任務是已完成的
Quest Is Failed Quest is failed 任務是失敗的
Quest Is Discovered Quest is discovered 任務是被發現的
Quest Is Required Quest is required 任務是被需求的
Region Contains Point Region contains Point 指定點在指定區域中
Trigger Is On Trigger is on 觸發器是開啟的
Evaluate Trigger Conditions Evaluate Trigger conditions 判斷指定發器的判斷條件並傳回
Trigger Is Queued Trigger is queued 觸發器在觸發器清單中

*使用 "Add To Trigger Queue" 和 "Remove From Trigger Queue" 來加入或移除 觸發佇列中的觸發器
Trigger Queue Is Empty The trigger queue is empty 觸發佇列是空的(無任何觸發事件)
Unit Classification Check Unit is Type 部隊屬於部隊分類
Unit-Type Classification Check Unit-Type is Type 部隊種類 屬於 部隊分類
Unit In Unit Group Unit is in Unit Group 部隊在指定的部隊群組中
Unit In Region Region contains Unit 部隊在指定區域中
Unit Is Alive Unit is alive 部隊是活著的
Unit Is Dead Unit is dead 部隊是死亡的
Unit Is Paused Unit is paused 部隊是被暫停的
Unit Is Hidden Unit is hidden 部隊是被隱藏的

*部隊可以使用 "Unit - Hide" 動作、放在運輸船裡、或使用靈魂球來隱藏
Unit Is An Illusion Unit is an illusion 部隊是一個幻影
Unit Sleeps Unit sleeps when unprovoked 部隊在不被打擾時會睡覺

Unit Sleeps At Night Unit sleeps when unprovoked at night 部隊在晚上會睡覺

Unit Is Sleeping Unit is sleeping 部隊正在睡覺(不是指摧眠術的效果)

Unit Generates Alarms Unit generates alarms 部隊可引發警報
Unit Is Being Transported Unit is being transported 部隊正被運送
Unit Is In Transport Unit is loaded into Transport 部隊正在運輸船內
Unit Selected By Player Unit is selected by Player 部隊正被玩者選取

Unit Belongs To An Ally Of Player Unit belongs to an ally of Player 部隊是玩者的同盟
Unit Belongs To An Enemy Of Player Unit belongs to an enemy of Player 部隊是玩者的敵人
Unit Has Specific Buff Unit has buff Buff 部隊擁有Buff
Unit Group Is Empty Unit Group is empty 部隊群組是空的
Units Of Unit Group Are In Region All units of Unit Group are in Region 部隊群組中的所有部隊都在指定區域內
Units Of Unit Group Are Dead All units of Unit Group are dead 部隊群組中的所有部隊都已死亡
Fog Of War Enabled Fog of war is enabled 戰爭迷霧是開啟的
Black Mask Enabled Black mask is enabled 未探索區是被允許的
Unit Is Visible To Player Unit is visible to Player 部隊可被玩者看到
Unit Is Invisible To Player Unit is invisible to Player 部隊不可被玩者看到
Unit Fogged To Player Unit is fogged to Player 部隊在玩者的戰爭迷霧內
Unit Is Masked To Player Unit is masked to Player 部隊在玩者的未探索區內
Point Visible To Player Point is visible to Player 點可被玩者看到
Point Fogged To Player Point is fogged for Player 點在玩者的戰爭迷霧內
Point Masked To Player Point is masked for Player 點在玩者的未探索區內
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