Lightning Type(閃電特效類型)


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Lightning Type變數
Chain Lightning - Primary 連鎖閃電主光束
Chain Lightning - Secondary 連鎖閃電次光束
Mana Burn 法力燃燒
Lightning Attack 閃電攻擊
Finger of Death 死亡之指(Finger of Death)
Healing Wave - Primary 治療之風主光束
Healing Wave - Secondary 治療之風次光束
Mana Flare 法力曳光彈
Drain Life and Mana 吸取生命與魔法
Drain Life 吸取生命
Drain Mana 法力虹吸
Forked Lighting 叉狀閃電
Spirit Link 靈魂連結
Aerial Shackles 空中桎梏
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